The CubePortô FAQ

1.        What is it?

CubePort is a wizard-based application that converts Hyperion Essbase cubes into Microsoft Analysis Services cubes.


2.        Does it only convert the outline?

No, CubePort converts much more than just the outline.CubePort will convert (extract, interpret, and re-build) not only outlines, but also complex member formulas, native data loading, security, substitution variables, basic reports, and much more.The application of many best-practices are integrated into the software.


3.        How much does it cost? Are the conversions repeatable?

CubePort pricing is a usage-based model that does not require the outlay of a large, up-front server expense; pricing is on per-cube basis.Importantly, you can re-convert the structurally-same cube as many times as needed without additional charges, i.e. a Cost-Free Repeatable Conversion.The base price is defined on a per cube basis, but volume pricing is available (higher cube counts).


4.        Do I have to train my personnel in order to use CubePort?

CubePortís wizard-based design simplifies a conversion process.It performs things like an up-front check to see that the user can authenticate into the appropriate servers before starting the actual conversion steps.


5.        What about training for my Essbase personnel to get up to speed on Analysis Services?

CubePort is an excellent method of teaching which objects from Essbase map into which objects in Analysis Services. CubePort pays special attention to issues revolving around helping to shift the knowledgebase to the Analysis Services product in the following ways (a partial list): * Comments and descriptions embedded into converted objects, * User-defined equivalency library, * Cost-Free Repeatable Conversions so that changes to the original Essbase cube will mitigate the importance of learning Analysis Services and MDX as rapidly as might otherwise be necessary.


6.        Will the conversion only work with Microsoft SQL Server relational database?

Though Microsoft Analysis Services will work against any standard relational database, such as Oracle or DB/2, at the present time CubePort will only convert a Hyperion Essbase outline into a star-schema onto the SQL Server relational database.Support for other databases is forthcoming, but this issue is fairly easily resolved with a workaround by DTS-ing the relational database(s) over.


7.        Which Hyperion Essbase versions and product-lines will it work on?

Currently, the conversion will work on Essbase versions 6.X and 7.X, but support for 5.X is scheduled for future release.Though the Windows Essbase is the usual platform, support for other platforms of Essbase have not been tested to date.

8.        How much time does a typical conversion require?

The total number of members in the Essbase cube will determine the length of time required for a conversion, but a typical outline conversion can take from 5 to 15 minutes.Additional selected objects, such as security or reports, will extend this time.Verification of the numbers in each cube will take additional time.


9.        Does CubePort need to be installed on the Essbase server?

No, CubePort can be installed on any machine on a network (LAN or WAN) as long as it can access the servers with Hyperion Essbase, the selected relational database, the Microsoft Analysis Services server, and the security server (Active Directory Server).


10.     Do I need internet access to run CubePort?

Yes, the workstation or server to which CubePort is installed will require internet access to check for registration, but the data center servers involved in the conversion do not need to have internet access, e.g. the relational DB servers do not need internet access.


11.      Do I need the Hyperion Essbase APIs installed?

Yes, in order for CubePort to work properly, the Essbase APIs must be installed to the same workstation or server that CubePort is installed.When starting up the software, the presence of the API is checked.


12.     What if I have already attempted a conversion manually or with some utility?

CubePort is a superior solution to converting Essbase manually in terms of cost, repeatability, and consistency.If you have already attempted a conversion manually or with a competing utility, CubePort has a Competitor Reconversion Program (CRP) that provides discounts to our base price to defray some of the expense already spent trying to migrate.Simple conditions apply.


13.     Is there a trial version of CubePort?

You can download the complete copy of CubePort and with it you can convert any of the demo cubes free of charge, such as the demo Sample/Basic on the original Essbase CD and may have been installed onto the Essbase server(s).Later, when conducting an actual production conversion, of course you will be able to convert any of your active Essbase cubes just for the cost of the initial conversion.


14.     How can I get a copy or try it out?

Download from the website,, or email for a CD to be shipped.


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Prices and terms subject to change without notice.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††